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Telephone Interconnect Products
Q&A Guide to Telephone Interconnects

Single-User Interconnect:

4700VP - small sized featured packed interconnect

The following products are no longer available: 

SSI-68, HDI-68
ACI-35, SDI-50, 5200, 5400




Telephone Interconnect Overview

CES Wireless has for over 20 years been the leader in the development and manufacture of telephone interconnects or 'phone patches' as they are frequently called.

The new techniques pioneered by CES Wireless through continued research and development have resulted in a continuing process of refinement and improvement in interconnect technology. The 4700 VP is an example of this process. It boasts one of the smallest footprints of any telephone interconnect, but packs features found only in much higher cost and larger units. The Versa-Patch series of interconnects are the first to be supplied with CES' exclusive VeraTec Smart Vox operating mode. This new protocol takes the best of both Vox and Sampling technologies and combines them to produce what is arguably one of the best sounding and easiest to use simplex interconnects available at any price! These interconnects act like a standard Vox unit with no sampling interruptions during the transmission unless the programmable Vox time-out is reached. Once the Vox timer has timed out, the operation of the interconnect switches to sampling until the mobile carrier is detected. This results in high voice intelligibility, and maximum reliability at a very affordable cost.

For additional information about telephone interconnects see Q&A Guide to Telephone Interconnects

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